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2 Locations

Point Loma/Midway Location

Retail and Professional Instruction

Opened in 1985, the Point Loma shop is our flagship location boasting San Diego’s largest inventory. We carry everything from beginner guitars to custom shops and one-of-a-kind guitars.

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Chula Vista/Otay Location

Retail and Professional Instruction

Our lesson headquarters. We have 5 instructors on site that can teach you everything you need to know about guitar, bass, ukulele, or percussion along with a wide selection of inventory available for purchase.

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Brands We Carry

Electro Harmonix

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This local music store is amazing. Very friendly staff, knowledgeable technician's, and a relaxed environment made my month. I will absolutely be coming back here for all my music needs, and you should definitely visit them if you're within 300 miles. Yes. They are THAT GOOD!

Thank you guys again for the greatest experience I could have ever asked for.

David E.
David E.

Stopped by Mark’s Guitar Exchange during an overnighter in SD. Found the guitar of my dreams. A Fender Jaguar Johnny Marr signature model. Matt and Jeff are great guys, who know their stuff. No pressure environment. Huge inventory, new and used. Plenty of high-quality guitars and amps. Ditch Guitar Center. Go here.

George Z.
George Z

Great mom and pop guitar store. Very knowledgeable and musically active staff. Also packed to the brim with only high quality instruments. This is one of the few places in San Diego with a large in stock selection of guitar effect/ modulation pedals. Can't go wrong with the service and mom/ pop vibes! Big time selection on Martin Fender and Gibson. Also the techs do a great job with installation and repairs. Very reliable guitar shop!

Brandon B.
Brandon B.